We’re intoxicated but not in the way you’re thinking.
Okay, maybe sometimes we are.
For us, being “high” means: improving our state of mind, peacefulness, curiosities, and altruism for the better good in ourselves and others.
High means hope, even in the midst of a pandemic. 
It means high quality in material and mindset (at the same time). Our ultra soft materials are conscious of our planet and thoughtfully designed for living the high life. 
With our aims high, we soar, dream, light up, and help others along the way, feeling good in what we’re wearing and even better in our heads.
And when we do get high, we aren’t alone: with clasped hands, we lift off together. There’s simply no one end to the means in joining our HIGHEND crew: But take us along to reach your highest pinnacles, where you can’t even see the naysayers through the smoke.